How to Design a Car Maintenance Schedule

Recommended Vehicle Maintenance Intervals

If you have just bought a used car and know you will need to do some maintenance check-ups sooner or later, then you need to prepare a schedule to stick to, if you want to be sure to detect any issues before they grow bigger. Luckily, often vehicle manufacturers list their required maintenance on their websites along with the owner’s manual. Maintenance service intervals usually vary between manufacturers, so do not be surprised if you find out that your car should be maintained more often than other make or model. If you cannot find any manual, you may contact a local trusted auto body shop and ask them to send you an email with the recommended maintenance sessions for your vehicle, as well as an official quote for their services, in case you book a car maintenance with them.

No matter how different automobiles are, there are some general time frames accepted for maintenance of different car parts. In fact, basic automobile care can be simple and take only a short time to complete if you know what to do. Have a look at the maintenance intervals which Auto Collision Experts, of Sunnyvale, CA, recommends.
1) The transmission filter should be changed every 30,000 miles, 90,000 miles and 150,000 miles
2) The transmission fluid should be changed every 60,000 miles, 120,000 miles and 180,000 miles.
3) The oil should be changed every 3,000 miles (approximately every 3 months).
4) Spark plugs as well as the conventional plugs should be changed every 30 000 miles.
5) The fuel filter should be checked every 40,000 miles, unless it is in the tank.
6) Check the alignment every 15,000-20,000 miles, unless, of course, tire wear is not an issue for you and your vehicle goes straight.
7) Air induction service is better to be performed 20,000 miles.
8) Cleaning the throttle bore plate is recommended every 20,000 miles.
9) Professional fuel injection service may be a little bit more expensive than the other check-ups but it should be done only after you have driven over 40,000 miles.
10) The brake fluid flush and the power steering fluid flush must be changed when they become dirty or discolored, which is happens approximately once in 2 years.

These numbers are approximate, a problem may sometimes occur earlier than the period mentioned here, so you better contact your trusted auto body shop immediately after you notice that your vehicle is not running properly.